Scale your data science using Spark on Kubernetes

As your company accumulates more data, it’s important to leverage all of it to develop new advanced machine learning models. And now, you can scale Spark using Kubernetes. Thanks to the new native integration between Apache Spark’s and Kubernetes, scaling data processing has never been easier. Apache Spark is a well designed high level application that can increase your data processing speed and accuracy. It can handle batch and real-time analytic and data processing workloads. This high level and efficient technology can be used with Java/Spark/Python and R. Joined with Kubernetes, you can get twice the efficiency. Kubernetes is a great engine with the most popular framework for managing compute resources. Unfortunately, running Apache Spark on Kubernetes can be a pain for first-time users. 

Join CTO of Leah Kolben as she brings you through a step by step tutorial on how to run Spark on Kubernetes. You’ll have your Spark up and running on Kubernetes in just 30 minutes. 

Running Spark on Kubernetes will help you:

  • Process larger amounts of data
  • Segment your data into sub groups