Continual learning of machine learning models in production

Join data science expert and CEO of Yochay Ettun as he discusses continual learning in production. This webinar will examine continual learning, and help you apply continual learning into your production models using tools like Tensorflow, Kubernetes, and This webinar for professional data scientists will go over how to monitor models when in production, and how to set up automatically adaptive machine learning.

Key webinar takeaways:

  • Understanding of continual learning
    • Optimizing your models for accuracy with continual learning
    • How to use TensorFlow, Kubernetes and to apply CL to your models
  • How you can build automatically adaptive machine learning
    • Adapting to shifting data distributions
    • Coping with outliers
    • Retraining in production
    • Adapting to new tasks
    • A/B test your models
  • Deploying your machine learning pipeline to production